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Hicare offer care homes for the elderly in Leicester
Employee of the Month

Hicare Ltd are pleased to have an 'EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH AWARD' to recognise our employees who make significant contributions to the quality of care provided to residents and deliver exceptional levels of work performance.
The aim of the award is to recognise and reward the dedication and hard work of our staff.
The chosen employee will be awarded with £25 worth of gift vouchers, a certificate and an 'Employee of the Month' badge. A picture of the employee with their name will be displayed in the reception areas of both homes in a dedicated 'Employee of the Month' frame.
Some of the selection criterion is listed below:
  • Attendance
  • Time Keeping
  • Quality of work
  • Initiative
  • Team work
  • Flexibility
  • Comments from Directors, Managers, Residents, Families, Doctors and Nurses, Social workers and other visitors in the home.

"Going that extra mile"
Equal consideration will be given to staff working behind the scenes and to those who work in the front line.
For more information please contact our HR department on 08000 27 50 44 or email Remember in order to nominate please fill in a comment card which is available at the reception desk of the homes.

January 2018
Theresa Wills (MC) & Fiona Greco (SG)

February 2018
Sophie Tyrell (MC) & Elizabeth Cooke (SG)

March 2018
Bernadette Tuckley (MC) & Vasumati Mistry (SG)

April 2018
Lukas Mrisi (MC) & Laura Pritchard (SG)

May 2018
Nicola Robb (MC) & David Jones (SG)

June 2018
Susan Cresswell (MC) & Luke Cassie (SG)

July 2018
Lawrence Martin (MC) & Jason Cooper (SG)

August 2018
Joshua Wright (MC) & Rama Patel (SG)

September 2018
Leanne Causier (MC) & Karen Bray (SG)

October 2018
Nicola Robb (MC) & Paige Ashby (SG)

November 2018
Sophie Tyrell (MC) & Anne-Marie Martin (SG)

December 2018
Zuriel Ayorinde (MC) & Pragna Varia (SG)

Employee of the Month 2017

Employee of the Month 2016