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Hicare offer care homes for the elderly in Leicester

Hicare Testimonials

Why Hicare Residential Care homes are the perfect choice.

Read testimonials from our residents, families and associates...

"I was very happy living here, I have never found such a place before. I am very grateful to all the staff and anyone who served me."
Ram S (Resident)
January 2020

"I really like my stay at Spencefield Grange. The home is very lovely and clean. The staff and managers are very caring and very supportive."
Peggy W (Resident)
January 2020

"Words cannot explain the love and support I have had from all the staff and most of all the friendships I have gained while being here. I have learned so much being patient and tolerant. I will be taking so much with me as I leave and say goodbye."
Jenny D (Resident)
January 2020

"Mum has been here for six days so she is still settling in. So far, I cannot fault the home or the staff - well done."Susan B (Daughter of Resident)
January 2020

"Highly recommended. Fantastic stay. Everything I expect. Staff are brilliant."
Brian W (Father of Resident)
January 2020

"I am being cared for as professionally as I cannot ask for anything more."
Peter D (Resident)
January 2020

"I moved here about a week ago and I have never been looked after so well and the nurses and manager are excellent."
Roy E (Resident)
December 2019

"I came to Meadows Court for respite care and made the decision to stay. I enjoy living here and spending lots of time doing the activities. The food is lovely. You can always have fun with the staff and they never mind helping with whatever you need."
Joyce B (Resident)
December 2019

"A caring and functional care home. Great carers and management. Individual rooms could do with refurbishment but more importantly, the environment and staff look after residents well."
Pam B (Daughter of Resident)
December 2019

"I love living at Meadow's Court - it feels like home. The food here is lovely and varies a lot. The staff are friendly and very helpful. They are always there if you need a chat."
Lee M (Resident)
December 2019

"I have found that this place is very nice and I have been looked after very well."
June C (Resident)
November 2019

"My stay at Spencefield Grange has been wonderful."
Maureen M (Resident)
November 2019

"My partner has received very good care and attention. The staff are very caring. Thank you."
Christopher B (Partner of Resident)
November 2019

"The staff are really helpful from the cleaners, laundry lady to the nurses in charge nothing is too much trouble."
Irene H (Resident)
November 2019

"Mum has been a resident at Meadow's Court for 7 months having transferred from another care home due to a decline in her health. Since arriving she has been much happier in mood. She is allowed to move around freely and interacts with other residents and staff. Staff are pleasant and engage with residents.Mum can often be found enjoying a cup of tea with staff when they are sitting doing paperwork. Mum can sometimes be difficult due to her dementia, but staff manage her behaviour well and avoid conflict. She can often be found roaming the corridors, engaging with staff who are always pleasant."
Angela H (Daughter of Resident)
October 2019

"An excellent care home. The staff are all friendly and go that extra mile in caring for the residents. A good selection of activities are arranged throughout the year. This home is kept very clean and secure."
Wayne F (Son of Resident)
October 2019

"My mum has been here for just over 5 years. She is very well looked after and always seems happy. The home is always very welcoming and clean. The staff are very friendly and the management are very approachable. I have no concerns at all."
Alison B (Daughter of Resident)
October 2019

"Over the last six years since my mother has been in care here, I have enjoyed a nice time when I visited my mother. All of the staff from management to care staff and catering and domestic staff, have been very helpful, friendly and caring."
Stephen K (Son of Resident)
October 2019

"I have enjoyed my stay at Spencefield Grange as the staff and management have looked after me well. I have enjoyed the food. The atmosphere is so friendly and everyone smiles all day long."
Sheila L (Resident)
October 2019

"I loved my stay at Spencefield Grange. The staff and managers looked after me well and the food was brilliant."
Keith W (Resident)
October 2019

"Our mum was in Spencefield Grange for 2 and a half years before she sadly passed away in September. She was so well cared for right until her last hours. All the staff were so caring, not just for our mum but myself and my sister too. I would recommend Spencefield Grange to everyone as it was to us by a friend, who's mother was also in there until her passing. We couldn't thank them all enough."
Beverley A (Daughter of Resident)
September 2019

"I had a very pleasant stay at Spencefield Grange. Staff and management was always very friendly and helpful. They always had time for me and made my husband very welcome. I have had excellent care."
Margaret C (Resident)
April 2019

"My mother's decline had been becoming a worry as her basic functions at home had grown worse. Dementia had robbed her of her independence and it was vital we found a care home with facilities and staff to meet her needs. Spencefield Grange has the ability to take away any anxiety we had of her needs being met. Professional staff ensure she is stimulated and her anxieties observed and reassurances given. The staff are excellent."
Barry S (Son of Resident)
March 2019

"The overall quality of Meadow's Court is excellent. My mother loves being in this home. Prior to arriving at Meadow's Court, she was not eating. Within 2 days she was eating more than I saw her eating for the last 6 months. The staff and care given are excellent. The overall feeling in Meadow's Court is very welcoming. The management does a great job in making this care home what it is today."
Rita R (Daughter of Resident)
March 2019

"Welcoming residential care home. Supportive staff. Residents are respected and treated with dignity. Staff are well trained and are knowledgeable. The care home is warm and comfortable. Residents provided with ample fluids and sustenance and are encouraged to eat. Residents receive ample GP care.GP services are very helpful. Management staff are kind and helpful. Would always recommend Spencefield Grange care home."
Lina S (Daughter of Resident)February 2019

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