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October 2013 - Hicare selected to take part in National Pilot Project November 2013 - Feature wall painting begins December 2013 - Focus group created including staff and family members to discuss ideas & concepts January 2014 - Sensory garden installation begins January 2014 - 1st Instalment of new bedroom furniture arrives February 2014 - Installation of the homes new lighting scheme February 2014 - Gardener bedding a variety of plants February 2014 - Tactile wall mural designed February 2014 - Reminiscence artwork installed April 2014 - Food themed reminiscence artwork and murals April 2014 - Indoor sensory garden wall feature

Dementia Friendly Environment

Our homes and staff are dedicated to improving the care and environment of Alzheimer's and Dementia sufferers offering a safe and dignified home.

Both of our homes undertook refurbishments in 2014 as they were selected to take part in the Prime Minister's Challenge on Dementia, which was sponsored by the Department Of Health and took into account research from Stirling University. 

Our Dementia-friendly facilities have a range of benefits for Alzheimer and Dementia sufferers; Increasing quality of life.

Our Themed Corridors encourage Independence by assisting residents to find their way around the home. Improving Quality of Life by increasing our resident's ability to act independently and with confidence.

Our Themed Artwork and Tactile Wall Murals provide points of interest for conversation, interaction and offer varied opportunities to reminisce and recall happy memories around the home. The different themes around the home Stimulate Conversation with relatives and staff and allow residents to identify the different areas of the home.

Dementia-Friendly Signage around the homes encourages Independence and assists with way finding. Signage includes named corridors, lounges and bathroom signs.

Individual Bedroom Door Signs incorporating the resident's name, photo and room number, increase the resident's ability to act confidently and independently when locating their own room.

Bespoke Memory Boxes and Life Story Displays provide a personalised area immediately outside resident's bedrooms with items that have meaning and are specific to each resident. These items could consists of belongings or photos of happy memories to create Conversation and Interaction with carers, families and professionals visiting; increasing knowledge of each resident's past life history, personality and identity for each person.

A range of light fittings, LED Lights and Dimmable Lights around the home improve the visibility of the care environment for residents enhancing feelings of Well-being by increased light and lux levels.

Dementia-Friendly Bedroom Furniture with cut-out drawer handles and a Perspex vision panel in the wardrobe allows for residents clothes to be easily seen and identified, encouraging independence and Engagement in personal care and choice of clothes. Residents also have the choice to arrange their own furniture and accessories to be placed in their own rooms, if they wish.

Co-ordinating Soft Furnishings and Bedding provides the correct level of contrast to maximise visual perception. Coordinated wall colour and furnishings create a relaxed and warm mood and environment.

A variety of new Lounge Furniture offers different styles of seating in each lounge to promote Individuality and Choice. We offer a variety of two-seaters, high-back chairs and mid-back chairs which provide a homely feel with comfort.

Our Themed Dining Room includes artwork, soft furnishings and different styles of crockery and cutlery, specifically designed to facilitate residents with differing levels of dexterity and aid visual perception.

We offer a range of Activities for residents with memory loss to recall the past, reminisce and evoke memories and conversations such as Who am I games, Memory Ball activity, My life creations and many more.

The bespoke Indoor Sensory Garden Wall can be used for indoor gardening and interaction offering all the tools you would find outdoors, indoors. 

External Sensory Gardens with raised timber planters, greenhouses, wooden gazebo create a therapeutic outdoor environment that allows for a Multi-Sensory Experience.